FAQs – Custom Varsity Apparel


Q. Do you have a minimum order requirement?

A. Our Minimum Order Quantity for all apparel is 10 pieces. Some less common colours might not be available in small quantities.

Q. Does my jacket require special care?

A. Yes, we recommend you dry-clean your jacket or hand wash it to keep them in good condition. Do not iron.

Q. What if my apparel does not fit?

A. All of our apparel is custom made to the customers specification and as such we cannot replace apparel or accept returns. As a result, we recommend reading our sizing section prior to purchase.

Q. Are there any shipping costs?

A. We include the cost of the shipping in your quote. You will be able to see exactly how much you pay for shipping in your invoice.

Q. How long will my order take from start to finish?

A. We pride ourselves on our 4 – 6 week order delivery, however sometimes there are delays and we do not take any responsibility for this.

Q. What is the payment process for group orders?

A. We require 60% before we start production and the balance paid before the order is delivered.

Q. Can you arrange samples?

A. Yes, we can provide samples to groups. Contact us for more information at info@customvarsityapparel.com.au

Q. Do you allow custom made patches to be incorporated into the jackets?

A. That’s what we do best!