Custom Teamwear Australia

Teamwear is important for every team, no matter which sports team or firm it is and irrespective of whether it is a national or international level. Custom Varsity Apparel provides a wide range of options for custom teamwear, including varsity jackets, hoodies & jumpers, tees & shirts.

We make custom teamwear for all men, women and children. Our custom products are high quality, handmade with your choice of material and specially designed as per your requirements.

Our unique custom products are popular amongst sports teams, clubs and even businesses to help them achieve a certain purpose, which could be to boost morale, create a good impression or to develop a sense of team spirit.


Benefits of Custom Teamwear:

  • Makes team members easier for spectators to recognise
  • Makes it easier for other team members to spot their teammates
  • Custom apparel can include a logo and be made in a colour that fans and spectators will be able to recognise instantly
  • Specially designed apparel enhances team-building activities, team unity and builds stronger communities of supporters
  • Motivates teams and brings a sense of equality


How to order?

We understand what it means for a club, sports team or business to have custom apparel. At Custom Varsity Apparel, we provide the best teamwear in Australia alongside the best place to order custom teamwear in Australia with the design of your choice.

It is as simple as following the steps mentioned here:

  • The first step is to get in touch with a brief description of your requirements and your ideal delivery schedule. It is possible to accomplish this step online by simply submitting the order form. We will respond within 24 hours of receiving your order details.
  • The next step is to perfect the design based on the suggestions provided. This will include multiple revisions prior to finally settling on a design.
  • We will then send you a quote based on the apparel of choice and quantity desired.
  • The order placed will need to include a quantity for each size along with the delivery address.
  • The final stage before production includes receiving approval for the invoice and design.
  • The production begins as soon as an initial deposit has been received.
  • The order is delivered within a week of receiving the complete payment.