Year 12 Jersey

Sports clubs and businesses will often get custom apparel for their teams. Custom apparel is also popular amongst school leavers who want a custom-designed Year 12 Jersey as a tribute to their school years. This is a popular tradition and is not exclusive to jerseys. Some other popular apparel students customise include varsity jackets, rugby jumpers, polo t-shirts, hoodies and shirts.

At Custom Varsity Apparel, it is possible for you to create your own jersey as a memory to keep the school years alive. Though, there are many ways to help remember the school days, such as a rugby jumper or a varsity jacket with the first letter of your name.

Most students tend to get quite creative when it comes to designing their year 12 jersey. Many custom designs include the year of graduation. For example, the class of 2018 may have the year 2018 printed on their jersey or varsity jacket with their name, nickname or just the first letter of their name printed alongside it somewhere. The style, colour and design can also be customised to suit anyone’s personal design preferences.

Methods of Personalising Apparel
Ordering your Year 12 Jersey is one of the many ways students make their final year a memorable one. There are several templates and designs available online to base the final product on; alternatively, one can let their creative talent run wild and create a completely new design of their own. Students usually prefer to customise jerseys, rugby tops, hoodies, knitwear and polo shirts as a special tribute to their years in high school.

Custom Varsity Apparel – Optimal memorabilia for school leavers
Custom Varsity Apparel is an expert in designing and manufacturing custom apparel that exceeds expectations each time. While we are the experts in custom Year 12 Jerseys, our other clients include sports teams, students, clubs and businesses.

You can create your own jersey here. Our services are available across Australia & New Zealand, so you have access to high-quality, custom-designed apparel no matter where you are.