Design 12-Year Jumper Jersey Online in Australia

Design 12-Year Jumper Jersey

Graduate in Style with a Personalised Year-12 Jumper

Are you soon going to graduate from your high school? We specialise in manufacturing custom designed year-12 jumpers that guarantee both quality and comfort. Wear the name of your school with pride with our customised range of school leaver apparel. 

A year-12 jersey is a special memory. The jumper signifies a significant milestone in your life. No high school graduation in Australia can ever be complete without students wearing their year-12 jumpers. You can customise your year-12 jersey with the names of your school, or sports team, or debate club – and you will always have a reminder of your time spent in school. 

At Custom Varsity Apparel, we have worked with schools nationwide to provide fully customised school leaver apparel – ranging from men’s bomber jackets in Australia to jumpers and hoodies to rugby jerseys.

Custom Design Year 12 Jumpers with Us

We have the best materials and resources to create unique and custom year 12 jumpers, jerseys, hoodies and jackets. Choose your own fabric, colour, style and design – personalise it with the name of your school, sports team, or any club. We customise all details for both men and women and create custom year 12 jerseys to suit any school and its students. 

At Custom Varsity Apparel, we have the expertise in creating customised school leaver apparel of all kinds. From varsity jackets to rugby t-shirts, our clothing is available in a variety of fabrics and designs. Cotton or nylon are preferable as these are breathable fabrics and can be worn in all climates. Lightweight year 12 jumpers are more in demand as they are comfortable to wear all year round. 

Our custom range of year 12 jumpers is sourced from local suppliers, ensuring you get the highest quality of materials. All our apparel is handmade in top-of-the-line workshops. You can customise your jerseys and hoodies with personalised artwork, names or logos. Design tailored apparel for your high school graduation and create your unique identity with our custom design year-12 jumpers.

Custom Varsity Australia

Custom Varsity Jackets

This is the most classic design for school leaver apparel. Our custom varsity jackets come with a quilted satin blend lining, two roomy outside pockets, one hidden interior pocket and aluminium buttons or zips. You can choose your preferred material and personalise the jacket with the name of your school or sporting team. 

Hoodies and Jumpers

We offer a stylish and modern range of wholesale t-shirts in Australia. Our year 12 hoodies and jumpers are fully customisable and extremely comfortable. You can choose from a wide range of colours and personalise the apparel with the name of your school or sporting team. Our year 12 jumpers will bring a sense of uniformity and identity to all the students and also keep you warm and comfy in colder weather. Made of 350 gsm cotton fleece, our year 12 jumpers and hoodies are pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage. They come with a lined hood, tonal shoestring drawcord, and sleeve cuff ribbing.

Rugby Jerseys

Rugby is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Australia. And if your school is one of the rugby champions, then you definitely want our customised rugby jerseys for your senior graduation class. Made from 100% cotton twill, we provide high-quality year-12 jerseys with names, numbers, logos, etc. Customise it however you want and wear it proudly all year round. 

Year 12 Jumpers to Flaunt Your School Pride

Year 12 jumpers are not just a piece of apparel. They are an embodiment of your school memories. Wear the name of your school close to your heart and always feel connected to your alma mater, no matter how far you go.  

Proudly flaunt your school pride with our custom design year 12 jerseys, jumpers, jackets, and hoodies. Always feel stylish and comfortable with our high-quality school leaver apparel.

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