Custom Teamwear in Australia

Flaunt Your Team Spirit with Custom Teamwear in Australia

Are you part of a school or college sports team? Do you have a little league club in your neighbourhood? Are you involved in an extracurricular group hobby? No matter what type of team you belong to – swimming, rugby, debate club, or a weekly yoga club – you can get the finest custom team wear in Australia. From rugby jerseys to a simple hoodie, flaunt your team association with custom team wear. 

At Custom Varsity Apparel, we have years of experience in creating custom team wear for schools and universities. From university varsity jackets to school leavers’ apparel, from men’s bomber jackets in Australia to custom hoodies and jumpers, we are the leading manufacturer of custom team wear in Australia. 

Personalise your team outfits with any name, logo, or artwork. Show the strength of your team by flaunting a collective identity with custom team wear. You can also cheer for your favourite team as you wear their team wear in silent support. 

To get your hands on high-quality custom team wear, get in touch with us today. 

Custom Varsity Australia

High-Quality Custom Teamwear in Australia

We have the experience and the expertise to personalise your team wear jerseys or hoodies with any design, name, or logo. Be it the name of your school/university, sports team, club, or jersey number, or the team mascot or logo – we can customise your team wear with any design you choose. 

We source all our raw materials from local Australian suppliers, ensuring you get the highest quality of clothing. All our apparel is handmade by master tailors in top-of-the-line workshops. We provide the best and most high-quality custom team wear in Australia that’s comfortable and stylish. 

We offer the following options as a custom team wear. 

Rugby Jerseys

If you are talking team wear, then rugby is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Australia. From rugby to soccer to basketball, no matter what sports you are playing, we provide you with the best team wear apparel. Made from 100% cotton twill, you can customise it, however, you want and wear it proudly all year round.


Teamwear hoodies are ideal when it is not playing season, but you still want to wear your team identity. They also make a great choice when you are travelling as a team for any tournament. Get wholesale hoodies in Australia and distribute them among all your fans and supporters. It can be a way for the spectators to show their support and feel a part of the team. Made of 350 gsm cotton fleece, our custom hoodies are pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage. They come with a lined hood, tonal shoestring drawcord, and sleeve cuff ribbing.

Varsity Jackets

If you are part of a data team or elocution club in your school or college, then a custom varsity jacket might be the best way for you to show your team identity. Wear the name of your school proudly as you represent your institution. Our custom varsity jackets come with a quilted satin blend lining, two roomy outside pockets, one hidden interior pocket and aluminium buttons or zips. 

At Custom Varsity Apparel, we create and manufacture quality custom team wear in Australia that looks stylish and comfortable. Made from the finest materials, our team wears can be worn year-round. They are durable and will stand the test of time, no matter how frequently you wear or wash them. Personalise your apparel with any name, artwork, or logo and flaunt your team spirit.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Designs

All our designs, from hoodies to bomber jackets, are unique and customised. Choose your own material, style, pattern, and design. Personalise your choice of clothing with your preferred name, logo, or artwork. 


All our customised clothing is made to order only for you. Each piece of clothing is handmade by tailors in top-of-the-line workshops in Australia and New Zealand. 

High Quality

We always source the highest quality materials from local suppliers, ensuring that all your apparel is of the best quality and durable to stand the test of time. We also pay attention that our customised clothing looks stylish and comfortable. 

To get your hands on the best team wear in Australia with customised designs, call us today.

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