Buy Mens Bomber Leather Jackets in Australia

Stylish Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets in Australia

Bomber jackets first appeared as part of the US military uniform. They were designed to block the extreme wind and cold and keep the air force pilots warm in the cockpit. With time, these jackets found their way into fashion circles, and soon bomber jackets for men were available in every store.

Over the years, the bomber jacket has gone through a style evolution. It has now become an all-season wear and is available in different designs to suit different climates. Choose the heavy men’s leather bomber jacket in Australia to protect yourself from extreme cold or wear a lightweight nylon bomber jacket during summer or spring.

At CVA, we offer you custom bomber jackets in various materials, such as premium leather, polyester, nylon, cotton, fleece, etc. Choose the fabric you want depending on the preferred usage of your jacket. If you are looking for something to protect yourself from wind and cold, then leather bomber jackets would be ideal. But lightweight varsity jackets would make the better choice if you want something that can be worn all year round.

Our range of men’s leather bomber jackets in Australia is all sourced from local suppliers, ensuring you get the highest quality of materials. All our apparel is handmade in top-of-the-line workshops. You can customise your bomber jackets with personalised artwork, names or logos. Design tailored apparel for your school, university, or sports team, and create your unique identity with our custom bomber jackets.

The Features of a Bomber Jacket for Men

Bomber jackets are known for their unique style, cut, and silhouette. They are different from other jackets because they do not fit snugly with your body. Bomber jackets for men should fit loosely around your body and arms. Another identifying feature is that a bomber jacket must have a cropped length that ends just at your waistline.

From heavy-handed winter wear to lightweight summer jackets, bomber jackets in Australia are available in various designs, styles and colours. But what remains constant is their waist-hitting silhouette, the stretchable hems resting snugly over the hipbone, and the fitted cuffs around your wrist. The collars of a bomber jacket should also be fitted closer to your neck rather than hanging loosely. They typically have a front closure – either buttons or zips – and two pockets on the side.

Bomber jackets are both functional and fashionable – a timeless classic design. They are suitable for all ages, body shapes, and occasions.

Get Customised Men’s Bomber Jackets in Australia

At CVA, we take pride in creating high-quality custom apparel – from year 12 jumpers to bomber jackets. We offer a range of varsity jackets that can be personalised with your desired artwork, name, or logo. 

  • Wool & Leather Jackets

The body is made of 24 oz Melton Wool and the sleeves are made of soft sheepskin leather. This is the classic 50’s style of varsity jacket that still looks stylish and modern. 

  • Cotton Fleece Jackets

Get a simple and subtle bomber jacket with this option. Made from 350 gsm cotton fabric, these fleece jackets are perfect for every season and occasion. 

  • Satin Jackets

Get the best bomber jackets in Australia suitable for warmer weather. Made from 100 percent soft satin, these jackets are eye-catching and have a unique take on traditional varsity jackets. 

  • Taslan Jackets

Get lightweight bomber jackets for men made from unique polyester fabric. Taslan is a modern and high-tech woven polyester material. It quickly dries and effectively absorbs the moisture away from your body. Taslan jackets are growing in popularity and make the best choice for modern bomber jackets. 

Be it wholesale hoodies in Australia or varsity bomber jackets, CVA is the best address for getting quality custom apparel. Our jackets comes with a quilted satin blend lining, two exterior pockets, one hidden pocket inside and aluminium buttons or zips.

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Choose from our unique material and style options. Personalise them with your artwork, names and logos. You can try designing your own Varsity Jacket with our uDesign tool.


All of our apparel is made-to-order just for you. Our top of the line workshop allows our tailors to deliver the finest handmade apparel in Australia and New Zealand.

High Quality

We source the highest quality materials from local suppliers, ensuring our apparel not only looks and feels great, but also stands the test of time.

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