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5 Bomber Jacket Ideas for A Bold & Stylish Look

Bomber jackets were first designed as a military uniform for pilots in fighter jets during World War I. These leather jackets kept pilots warm at high altitudes where the temperature would fluctuate every now and then. During World War II, this outfit was accepted and worn by most pilots. Soon, the civilians also hopped onto this trend and that’s how the bomber jacket became more of a casual outerwear.

man standing on bridge in Australia wearing bomber jackets

In time, these jackets started being used as a uniform for various sports. Bomber varsity jackets gained momentum by team players of almost every other sport as they started wearing fashionable bomber jackets with their team logos on it. At present, bomber jackets are one of the most famous pieces of clothing, the aestheic of a bomber jacket is widely appreciated. It seemed that everyone could work bomber jackets as their go-to outfit! These jackets are also made with wool, nylon, cotton, or anything that you would prefer.

A few jacket ideas to put to together an Uber stylish outfit:

Bomber jackets can be paired with almosy anything as long as it offers a great fit. Both men and women have hopped on to the jacket fad. You must’ve seen your favourite celebrities sporting some designer bomber jackets while putting together a sick look.

1.Suede Bomber Jackets

There is something irresistible about suede bomber jackets. The rustic look makes this a great outfit especially when paired with navy blue jeans. Suede jackets were a major hit in the 70’s. You can sport a clean and crisp white t-shirt on a pair of blue jeans. This paired with a suede bomber is an outfit that cannot let you down. Suede is the perfect coloured bomber jacket men can opt for.

2.Olive Bomber Jackets

Olive bomber jackets have been a popular choice among men. This shade also contributes to the military aesthetic. The colour olive is well appreciated with earthy tones. As an accent item, a bomber jacket can change the entire look of your outfit. You can style your look with jeans or chinos, make sure your tshirt or shirt has an earthy tone and pull your bomber jacket on!

3.Brown Bomber Jacket

Brown bomber jackets have also been a staple in the fashion industry. If  you’re an Indiana Jones fan, you know all about how brown bomber jackets can accentuate ones look. Brown bomber jackets are a great choice for an adventurous outing. Pair it with black or blue jeans and a dark coloured t-shirt.

4.Black Bomber Jackets

A colour that suits everybody in every way and looks uber cool. Black bomber jackets definitely give off a ‘bad boy’ look, makes you look tough and intimidating. The best way to style this jacket is to stick to all blacks. All blacks are a classic but you can switch up your tshirt and wear dark or earthy tones for the black bomber jacket to live upto its true potential.

5.Colour Combined Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets Australia have come a long way. Different colour combinations on these jackets are widely trending. Red and white, blue and white, black and yellow, you have a wide range of combinations to choose from. You can even customise your own bomber jacket with text or icons embellished on it!

When it comes to customisation, Custom Varsity Apparels design one of the best men’s bomber jacket Australia has to offer it’s fashion fuelled citizens. You can choose your preferred material which we source from local suppliers and customise the design. Our pieces are hand stitched and made just for you by our local tailors. We ship our products to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and all other parts of Australia.

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